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Jacob Brubaker, B-19The following images are of various Brubaker-named, Brubaker family, or cemeteries from around the United States with the greatest number of Brubakers buried in them.

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There are 20 known Brubaker-named and 3 known Brubacher-named cemeteries in North America. * In addition to the ones shown below in photos, there are the following around Lancaster County, PA:

The following are cemeteries and graveyards in Pennsylvania, across the U.S., and Canada with a significant number of Brubachers and Brubakers buried there*:

Martin's Mennonite Meetinghouse Cemetery, Waterloo, ON, Canada

Martin’s Mennonite Meetinghouse Cemetery, Waterloo, Ontario
Photo courtesy Karen Tober

Conestogo Old Order, Waterloo, ON

Conestogo Old Order Mennonite Cemetery, Waterloo, Ontario
Photo courtesy Allan Dettweiler










Carson Valley Cemetery

Carson Valley Cemetery, Duncansville, PA. This
cemetery has the
greatest number of
Brubaker graves of all
locations documented.
Photo courtesy of
Michael Caldwell

Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA
Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Virden, IL
Summit Prairie Cemetery, Salem, IL
Mississinew Memorial Cemetery, Wabash, IN
South Union Cemetery, Kokomo, IN
Rochester IOOF Cemetery, Rochester, IN
Fairview Cemetery, Gratis, OH
Florida Cemetery, Florida, OH
Mound Hill Union Cemetery, Eaton, OH
Alto Reste Burial Park, Altoona, PA
Bucher’s Meetinghouse Cemetery, Rexmont, PA
Halifax United Methodist Cemetery, Halifax, PA
Lost Creek Mennonite Cemetery, Oakland Mills, PA
Landis Valley Mennonite Cemetery, Lancaster, PA
Pike (Stauffer) Old Order Mennonite Cemetery, East Earl, PA
Stauffer Mennonite Cemetery, Port Trevorton, PA
Susquehanna Mennonite Ch. Cemetery, Port Trevorton, PA
Antioch Church of the Brethren Cemetery, Rocky Mount, VA
First Mennonite Cemetery, Kitchener, ON


And then there is the Brubaker Cemetery located off of VA State Route 615 near Luray, VA, about halfway between Strasburg, VA and Harrisonburg, VA.  While we currently do not have a picture, we do have this information, compliments of Find A Grave contributors June Standley, Norm Brown, and others.  There are at least 15 Brubaker interments (out of 17 documented) that have been found there, including A-4 Abraham Brubaker (1723-1804) son of A-1 Hans Brubaker (1685-1748), and his wife Barbara Miller Brubaker (1734-1814).

*Source: Find A Grave

See a list of all known Brubacher and Brubaker cemeteries across North America.

Below is a gallery of images and information of cemeteries of Brubaker significance.

Brubaker Mennonite Meetinghouse Cemetery, Lancaster, PA

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Miller - Brubaker Family Cemetery, Lancaster, PA

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Brubacher Cemetery, Bainbridge, PA

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Brubaker-Weber-Blantz Cemetery, near Brickerville, PA

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Brubaker - Bar Cemetery, Brubaker Valley, Elizabeth Twp., Lancster Co., PA

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Brubacher - Krall Graveyard, Lebanon Co., PA

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Brubacher Family Cemetery, Port Trevorton, Snyder County, PA

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Brubaker Cemetery, Ashland, OH

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Brubaker Cemetery, Kingston, VA

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Brubaker - Huffman Cemetery, Roanoke, VA

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Brubaker - White House Graveyard, White House, VA

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Brubaker Cemetery, Hamburg, Page County, VA

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