Brubakers Around The World

Brubakers can be found all over North America, Europe, and even Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand.  Our cousins are skilled artisans and business owners with myriad talents ranging from artists to restaurateurs and designers; also farmers, lawyers, doctors, shop owners, entrepreneurs, and professional sports players.

Brubaker name across the world

Click on the map and fill in the data to see where there are Brubakers across the world.

Try different spellings of our cousins’ surnames to see our cousins all over the world.

The Google Map below shows just the “tip of the iceberg” worldwide of our Brubaker cousins who are in business. Who knows how many more there might be when we include those who may not necessarily have an online presence or website?

Google Brubaker World Map

Image and service courtesy Google Inc.

Go to Google Maps and type in Brubaker or Brubacher and see for yourself!