2023 Brubaker Family Reunion

101st Annual Reunion returns to Homestead Village

On Saturday August 5th 2023 The Brubaker Families of America held their 101st annual reunion.  We had a wonderful experience holding the event live and on multiple platforms.

We have it uploaded to our YouTube Channel, or you can view it below, here on the website.  You’ll also be able to find a link from Facebook.

Our featured speaker was cousin Darvin Martin of Brownstown, PA, who presented Recent Ramblings on Brubaker DNA.  Darvin has in the past spoken at several Brubaker reunions, including conducting break-out sessions at the 300th Anniversary event in 2017. Darvin is a Technical Sales Manager for Sotax, a pharmaceutical instrumentation company based in Basel, Switzerland.

Working for a Swiss company has afforded Darvin numerous opportunities to travel to Switzerland where in his spare time he could continue his research into the larger family tree, migration patterns of our ancestors, and more.

A key revelation that we learned is that our Brubacher-Brubaker ancestors were Celtic!  The DNA findings have borne this out; our ancestors had migrated from what we consider central Europe to what are now the British Isles.  And of course, quite a few of them returned to central Europe.

We had about 60 participants present and online during our reunion, with participants from Georgia, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, and from Europe.

Did you miss our event?  No worries!  Click below to view it now: