Recognition at Ellis Island

Ellis Island Certificate

Image Credit: Eileen Johns

At left is the Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty Foundation Certificate of Registration for the American Immigrant Wall of Honor.

The American Immigrant Wall of Honor is a permanent exhibit of individual or family names featured at Ellis Island in New York Harbor.  It is the only place in the United States where an individual can honor his or her family heritage at a National Monument.  Located at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty,  as of 2014 it is inscribed with over 700,000 names.  The Wall is situated just outside the Great Hall at Ellis Island and overlooks the lower Manhattan skyline.

Ellis Island Wall of Honor

Image Credit: Victoria Johns

Ellis Island Wall of Honor - panel 752

Image Credit: Victoria Johns

While the Brubacher-Brubaker family primary immigration pre-dates the opening of Ellis Island and Philadelphia was the generally recognized port of entry, it is fitting that the Brubacher-Brubaker family name be recognized with all immigrants who have come to this Nation’s shores at the premier immigrant processing facility, Ellis Island.

Many thanks to Eileen Johns of the ‘A’ family line who saw fit to have the Brubaker name registered and recognized.