“B” Family Homestead

"B" Family Homestead


The oldest known “B” Family homestead, 821 Farmingdale Road, East Hempfield Township, Lancaster County, PA.

Thanks to the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA) and the vision and expertise of Lancaster’s Richard Levengood Architects, the ‘B’ Family homestead at 821 Farmingdale Road, East Hempfield Township, will be preserved as a reminder of the rich heritage of East Hempfield Township, Lancaster County, and the Brubaker families.

Originally purchased in 2004 by LCSWMA, the remaining 80 acre farm was turned into a park with 2.7 acres around the house, barn, and out buildings awaiting repurposing. Sometime in 2012 a tentative agreement with the Lancaster County Conservancy was reached and the planning groundwork began to convert the homestead and remaining out buildings into an Urban Forestry Center.

In 2013, exploring considerations for the property when the Conservancy shelved plans for the Urban Forestry Center, LCSWMA’s Board of Directors approved the hire of Richard Levengood Architects to consider the possibility of renovating and restoring the existing house to be used as a potential rental property. This would preserve, and in some instances refurbish, the historical aspects of the property.

From June of 2013 through January of 2014, LCSWMA staff and Richard Levengood Architects crafted a design plan that included:

  • Completing selective demolition to keep exterior walls and majority of the interior walls intact;
  • Installing new HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, including solar panels to provide energy for hot water;
  • Placing new cedar shingles on the roof;
  • Repointing and repairing the existing stone walls;
  • Refinishing the existing hardwood floors;
  • Rebuilding the existing stone bank barn; and
  • Making various other aesthetic improvements to the house and barn, including new finishes, painting, fixtures and extensive landscaping work.

LCSWMA initiated renovations on the property in January of 2014 and in late 2014 the project was substantially completed.

The house is now in use as a home for an artist-in-residence. Plans are pending for using the barn in the future.

The Brubaker Families of America extend our heartfelt thanks to LCSWMA and Richard Levengood Architects for their vision, creativity, and sensitivity to preserving this home and by extension promoting the historical heritage of East Hempfield Township and Lancaster County.