Brubaker Family Reunion 1923

5th Annual event held in Kitchener, ON


Kitchener-Waterloo 01In Dr. Phares Brubaker Gibble’s work and other Family Association archives we learn that there were (and still are) many Brubachers and Brubakers in Canada, especially in Ontario, spreading out from the Kitchener-Waterloo area.


Locations of Brubacher homes at the University of Waterloo and on what is now Brubacher Street and Frederick Street in Kitchener, Ontario

A-76 John Brubacher (1793-1875), grandson of A-2 John Brubacher (1719-1804) purchased Lot 25 of the German Company Tract in Waterloo County, Ontario for his second son, A-236 John Brubacher (1822-1902).  In addition, D-4 John Brubacher (1758-1831), one of the first family members to migrate to Juniata County from Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, had grandchildren who migrated to what is now Ontario, including D-48 John W. Brubaker (1803-1886) and D-50 David W. Brubacher (1806-??).  Brothers D-48 John W. and D-50 David acquired Lot 17 of the German Company Tract.  They both married; John and his wife Catherine Martin raised many children on their family farm on Lot 17.  David and wife Maria Martin (1802-1834) also started a farm on Lot 17.  Shortly after Maria passed away at a relatively young age, David sold their farm to brother John and returned to Pennsylvania.  It is said that he left no heirs at his passing. 

Canadian Brubaker Reunion Committee 03

Canadian Brubaker Reunion Committee at Victoria Park, Kitchener, Ontario
Image from History & Genealogy of the Brubaker-Brubacher-Brewbaker Family in America by Phares Brubaker Gibble

These descendants from the ‘A’ and ‘D’ lines are who comprise many of the Brubachers and Brubakers in Canada today.  For the 1923 Reunion a Canadian Brubaker Reunion Committee was formed.  Victoria Park in Kitchener was selected as the venue to host the 5th annual Reunion.  According to Gibble in his volume, History and Genealogy of the Brubaker-Brubacher-Brewbaker Family in America, “…many people from the States availed themselves of the opportunity of going to Canada for the 1923 reunion.”

1923 01

5th Annual Brubacher Family Reunion, Victoria Park, Kitchener, Ontario
Photo courtesy Peter Brubaker, Waterloo, ON

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