1919 Reunion Postcard

1919 postcard 01 front

Photo courtesy Kenn Lefever

1919 postcard 02 back

Photo courtesy Kenn Lefever








This is a souvenir postcard given to attendants of the very first Brubaker-Hershey Reunion of 1919, extending a welcome to them to attend the following year’s reunion, which was held at the ‘A’ family homestead outside of Rohrerstown, East Hempfield Twp., Brubaker - Bar cemeteryLancaster County, PA.

Pictured on the front side is the Brubaker – Bar graveyard, located adjacent to the Brubaker Valley homestead in Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County.  The image to the right shows what the graveyard looks like as of 2014.  For more on the recent history of this graveyard click here.