Below is the library of videos that were produced during our 95th annual reunion and 300th Anniversary Celebration of Brubakers and Brubachers in North America.

They are also available for viewing and comment on the Brubaker Families of America Facebook page and on

Many thanks to cousins Mitch McKenney and Conner McKenney of the ‘A’ branch of the family, from Ohio, for producing our library of videos.



01 Welcome!

02 Ready, Set, Go!

03 Behind the scenes…








04 Dr. Ken Brubaker welcomes everyone

05 Shirley H. Showalter – ‘The Purpose of Memories’ – Pt 1

06 Shirley H. Showalter – ‘The Purpose of Memories’ – Pt. 2









07 Mike Brubaker & Harold Brubaker – ‘Brubakers in Politics’

08 Dr. J. Kenneth Brubaker – ‘Maintaining Brain Health as we Age’

09 Martin Brubaker – ‘From Bridge to Boats’









10 Darvin Martin – ‘The DNA of the Brubaker and Brubacher Family…’

11 Jack Brubaker – ‘What makes Lancaster and Lancaster’s Brubakers Unique?’

12 Kraybill & Stoltzfus – ‘The Brubaker Piece of the Anabaptist Puzzle’









13 Who’s That Brubaker?

14 Sharon Brubaker & Shirley Showalter – ‘So You Want to be a Writer?’

15 Professor Joe Mast introduces Dr. Gerald Brunk









16 Dr. Gerald Brunk impersonates Menno Simons: “My Road to Decision”

17 Amy Yovanovich – Prelude before the Sunday August 6th Worship Service

18 David Sauder leading singing at August 6th Worship Service









19 David Sauder and Amy Yovanovich leading worship Sunday morning

20 Demas Brubaker teaching “From Jesus to Menno Simons, Arriving in a New Land”

21 Ray Brubacher “Looking Back … and Forward to Where God Is Calling Us”









22 Praising God together at Sunday Worship