The Scribbler: Oldest Brubaker descendant to attend this year’s reunion was also at 1920 gathering

(The above image is courtesy Christine Conant Brubaker)

By JACK BRUBAKER | The Scribbler, Lancaster Newspapers  | August 30, 2017 |

Robert Brubaker Noll attended the second Brubaker reunion, in August 1920. He also attended the latest Brubaker reunion earlier this month. He was the youngest person at the 1920 reunion. He might have been the oldest this time around.

“I thought the reunion was a great occasion,”’ Noll says of the gathering celebrating 300 years of Brubakers in America. “And I also thought, ‘I’m 97. That’s about a third of the time that Brubakers have been here.’ ”

Noll suspects he was the senior representative of more than 550 people who attended the reunion, on the campus of Millersville University.

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