The “A” to “V” Family Lines

In his book, The History and Genealogy of the Brubaker Family…, author Phares Brubaker Gibble lists various descendants and lines of the Brubaker families (and their different spellings) in North America by letters of the alphabet. In his scenario, Hans Brubaker (1685-1748) was designated with the letter A, and was thus assigned the designation A-1. Jacob, who died in 1751, was assigned B-1, and John Brubaker was assigned C-1. The letter assignments were somewhat arbitrary, but have served well over the years in differentiating various lines of the larger family.

In their considerable volume of the ‘V’ Family line Descendants of John and Anna Myers Brubaker, 1750-1995, Marwin Brubaker and Margaret Brubaker Eller document a few additional letter assignments to the larger family tree, branches ‘P’ and ‘Q’.

Abram M. Brubacher (1690’s – 1753), the father of immigrants John (D-1) and Abraham (D-2), was a brother of Hans Brubaker (A-1). Hans’ son John (A-2) returned to Germany in search of a wife. Upon finding one, he brought her and his cousin Abraham (D-2) with him back to the New World. They returned in 1749.


A Listing of the A to V Lines

Listed below is a compendium of the various Brubaker family lines with the Patriarch of each one:

  • A-1 Hans Brubaker (1685-1748)
  • B-1 Jacob Brubaker (1697-1751) cousin to A-1 Hans
  • C-1 John Brubaker (1685??-1725) brother to B-1 Jacob and cousin to A-1 Hans
  • D-1 John H. Brubacher (1727-1768) nephew of A-1 Hans.  His father Abraham (1695-1753) was a brother to A-1 Hans.
  • D-2 Abraham H. Brubacher (1731-1811) brother to D-1 John and nephew of A-1 Hans.  His father Abraham (1695-1753) was a brother to A-1 Hans.
  • E-1 Jacob Brubacher Brubaker, brother to C-1 John and B-1 Jacob
  • F-1 Michael Brubaker was reported to have come to the New Holland, Lancaster County, PA area in 1727. He was a wagon maker.
  • G-1 John N. Brubaker (1800-1855) lived near Holtwood in Martic Township, Lancaster County, PA.
  • H-1 Peter Brubacher (1742-1824) purchased a large tract of land in the extreme northwest of Antrim Township, in what is now Franklin County, PA, bordering along the Conococheague Creek.
  • J-1 Henry Brubaker (1785-1869) was a resident of Montgomery Township, Franklin County, PA. He later moved to Fulton County, and then to Westmoreland County, PA.
  • J-2 Jacob Brubaker (1789-1878), brother to J-1 Henry Brubaker. Said to be originally from Dauphin Co., PA, he also eventually moved to Montgomery Twp., Franklin County, PA.
  • K-1 Jacob Brubaker (1781-1866) settled in Allegheny Township, Blair County, PA. He is thought to possibly be a descendant of Peter (H-1).
  • L-1 Isaac Brubaker (1789-1871) lived in Letterkenny Township, Franklin County, PA.
  • M-1 Christian Brewbaker (1806-1879) was a resident of Antrim Township, Franklin County, PA.
  • M-2 Jacob Brewbaker lived in Leitersburg, MD and Mansfield, OH; was a brother to M-1 Christian.
  • M-3 John Brewbaker may also have lived in Leitersburg, MD; he too was a brother of M-1 Christian, and M-2 Jacob.
  • N-1 John Brubaker settled in Bedford County, which is now Somerset County, PA.  He is also listed as C-5, a grandson to C-1 John Brubaker.
  • O-1 Jacob Brubaker, born around 1770, lived in Mercer County, PA.
  • P-1 Abraham Brubaker (1760-1822) thought to have been from East Hempfield Twp., Lancaster Co., PA and eventually migrated to Shenandoah Co., VA.
  • Q-1 Abraham Brewbaker, (1796-1889) lived in Botetourt County, VA.
  • V-1 John Brubaker, most likely born in Germany, originally immigrated to Cocalico Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. He settled in Franklin Co., VA in 1789, then Botetourt Co., VA, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in 1804.