And so Sunday was here before we knew it, and our four day celebration was coming to a close.

Fittingly, our event ended with an ecumenical worship service that wonderfully and effectively tied together the elements of our past as immigrants in a new world with a nod to the present.

And also fittingly, we still had walk-ins (!!) who, although they missed the event, were glad to stay and be a part of the worship service.  We had one come in at the end, at 10:30, as the worship service was winding down!

Our original 400+ pre-registrants swelled to a total of over 550 participants for the event!  Not only was there a total turnout considerably greater than the registration, we also had an attendance of 182 for the worship service compared to half that amount who originally signed up!

A heartfelt thanks to all who participated, to the team who put the worship service together, and to the team who put this event together!  It was a memorable four days that the people who experienced it will not forget anytime soon.

Enjoy our final day’s images below.