Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage Publications

We have the following publications from 
The Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage   All are available for $7.00 each while supplies last.

“Plotting the Story of the Abbeyville Mennonite Meeting-house and Cemetery”
(July 1985) by Landis H. Brubaker

“Hans Jacob Brubaker, Fraktur Artist” (January 1986) by David R. Johnson

“Swiss Bruppachers in Lancaster County, PA” (July 1993) by Jane Evans Best

“Peter Brubaker and Related Families of Lancaster County and Franklin County in PA” (July 1996)
by Joanne K. Hoover



Currently we do not offer online shopping opportunities. For now Brubaker family and history related merchandise is available for sale at our annual reunion. If you are unable to attend our reunion, please feel free to contact us to make other purchasing arrangements or if you have any questions.

If you order merchandise at the Reunion that must be shipped, be aware that shipping costs are not included. Prices are subject to change without notice.