Does anyone know what happened to this clock?

Masthead of the Chambersburg, PA Valley Spirit. Image credit:

From the Valley Spirit of Chambersburg, PA, August 16, 1882:

Page 3 of the Chambersburg, PA Valley Spirit where the article about the clock can be found. Image credit:

Mr. Jacob S. Brubaker, of Lebanon, has a clock which bears the date 1717, having been brought from Switzerland by his great grandfather, John Brubaker, who settled near Roherstown (sic), Lancaster county.  He was the father of nine sons, from whom all the Brubakers in Pennsylvania and Canada spring.  The clock is in good condition and an excellent time-keeper.

From the article we know that this was a fourth generation member of our larger Brubaker-Brubacher family.  Does the clock still exist?  If so, is it still in family possession or has it found its way elsewhere?  Would anyone have an image of it?

We’re going to attempt to do some further research to at least find out more about this particular Brubaker cousin and his family.  Possibly this will lead us to the clock, if it still exists. 

What a find that would be!