Brubaker Family Reunion 2012

A great time was had by all at the 90th annual reunion on August 5th, 2012!


Brubaker saffron cupThe 90th annual reunion of the Brubaker Families of America was held in the all-purpose room/gymnasium at the Church of The Apostles United Church of Christ.

This is on the original “A” Family homestead lands of Hans Brubaker.

Jay Brubaker, 2012This year’s featured speaker was Jay Brubaker of Lancaster, PA, the grandson of Jacob Engle Brubaker, who was a Lancaster Mennonite Conference Bishop renowned for his wood turning skills. He is also the great-great grandson of Jacob N. Brubacher, Mennonite Bishop, Civil War Conscientous Objector, and author of the 1884 Brubacher Genealogy.

Jay too is a skilled furniture maker and woodworker.

Jay shared today of Brubaker family stories from his heritage, and he told us much more about saffron and the saffron cup history from his branch of the Brubaker family. He had numerous examples of his saffron boxes or cups that he turns out, as well as an example of the furniture that he produces.

August 5, 2012There were approximately 90 people in attendance (not all stayed to be in the photo at right), with family members from as far away as Colorado in attendance. Several awards were given out: to the longest married couple, (71 years) the oldest attendee (95 years old), youngest attendee (20 years old), and the ones who traveled the farthest to join us today (from Colorado).

There were many displays of family trees, and various displays of memorabilia, books, articles, etc. were also available to view and/or purchase.