Andrew Brubaker (A-248) (1814-1906) funeral card

This is the funeral card of Andrew Shenk Brubaker from the ‘A’ Family line, (1814-1906).

Brubaker, Andrew & Anna Landis

Andrew Shenk and Anna Landis Brubaker, circa 1868.
Image credit: Eileen Johns

He and his two wives, who both predeceased him, lived at the ‘A’ Family homestead just outside of Rohrerstown, on what is now the campus of Homestead Village Retirement Community, where he farmed.  Both he and his wives are buried in the former Brubaker Mennonite Meetinghouse Cemetery, located at the corner of Spring Valley Road and Rohrerstown Road, just north of U.S. Route 30, in East Hempfield Township, Lancaster County, PA.